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Inventory Management & ERP Features

CruxBytes Inventory Management & ERP (IMERP) is an intelligent inventory management tool designed and customized to meet the needs of any and every small and mid-sized business units. It has been conceptualized, designed and developed completely in-house. It offers the following features:

  • It has a very user-friendly interface making it very simple and convenient to use for any one.
  • It is a light weight, database driven software, which can be installed on desktops / Laptops with lesser configurations also.
  • It has a secured interface, with logically identified set of functionalities for different set of users. This makes it possible to separate sales team from the business team.
  • The same tool can be easily customized to offer a centralized solution for stores across various locations.
  • Inventory storage can be customized for better categorization and identification.
  • Maintain vendor contact information, with complete transaction reports.
  • Compare prices from different vendors and pick the best one.
  • Complete inventory can be managed in this software with the cost price, quantity, storage location etc.
  • Maintain stock purchase and sell records. Inventory will automatically be adjusted.
  • Track payments received from customers, credits etc.
  • Track payments made to the vendors and the credits.
  • Track sales done by the sales person and the commission due.
  • Track daily income and expenses of business (electricity bills, mobile bills, income from other sources, investment, lending etc).
  • Generate balance sheet to track business better.
  • Generate performance report to identify the best selling product and strategize accordingly!